Book Review

Dr. Taylor Clark knows what it takes to succeed. While putting family first, he still managed to thrive through dental school, grow his practice, and create his own dental assisting training program now used nationwide by many other dentists’ offices. If anyone can speak about success and what it takes to achieve it, Clark certainly can.

Clark’s new book “Beating All Odds: Discover Exactly How You Can Succeed in Business and Life” is filled with practical and inspiring material to help you figure out what you want, set goals, and create a mission statement that will get you where you want to go. At the same time, Clark reminds us not to chase the almighty dollar at the expense of our relationships with family and friends, our personal health, or our wellbeing. He provides ways to find balance between work and family, and weigh the value of time and money.

Numerous well-known self-help gurus have already endorsed “Beating All Odds,” including Dr. Stephen R. Covey and Brian Tracy. The foreword is by Rudy Ruettiger, whose inspiring story of beating all odds to achieve his goal of playing football for the University of Notre Dame was made into the award-winning film, Rudy. What readers may not know is the equally inspiring story of how Ruettiger managed to get the film made despite continual rejection by Hollywood moguls. That story is told here, along with numerous other success stories, and Taylor Clark’s own personal stories of overcoming adversity. “Beating All Odds” is the perfect book for anyone who may feel the proverbial deck is stacked against him or her. The book is filled with tales of people, ranging from a twenty-eight year old man who suffered a stroke but endured, a man who signs books with his feet, and survival stories against Nature’s fury. Each story inspires and stretches our imaginations about what is possible and how success can be achieved if people do not give up, but have the right attitude and determination. If the people whose stories are told here could succeed, anyone can.

What stood out most for me in “Beating All Odds” was the emphasis on having the right attitude, believing in oneself, and using positive thinking to achieve one’s goals. Clark provides insight into the Law of Attraction, which has received a great deal of attention in the last few years. He reminds us that the Law of Attraction is really the Law of AttrACTION. He demonstrates how adding consistent action to positive thinking really brings about success. Clark also reminds us to fill our minds with success, not negativity. I am wholly with him when he tells us to turn off the television, not to listen to the news before going to bed so our subconscious is not processing negativity, and to “Choose not to participate in any recession.”

I have probably read a hundred self-help, inspirational, and motivational books over the years, so I am often skeptical that authors will say anything new, but Clark reminds us that we constantly need our batteries recharged. While I’ve previously heard some of the stories and concepts included, the inspiration in “Beating All Odds” became infectious as I read it. It definitely recharged my battery, making my enthusiasm grow as I contemplated new ways to improve my business and the quality and happiness quotient of my life.

Most importantly, Clark believes in the power of education to fuel inspiration and bring positive thinking to others. Unlike many books about how to grow wealth or get education to lead to success, Clark addresses the initial issue—what if you don’t have money to take the initial steps toward education and wealth—his answer is As one of the founding members of, Clark believes in making education and motivation possible to everyone in a cost-effective manner through video seminars. This new concept is just one of many ways Clark shows us how to think outside the box to achieve success.

Clark has also been very active in bringing about this change of attitude from the ground up, beginning with children. When people start to understand the power of positive thinking and the universal principles of success, they often ask, “Why isn’t this taught in school?” Clark is a pioneer in the movement to transform the next generation into hopeful, goal-inspired people. He has successfully introduced Zig Ziglar’s “I CAN” program to schools in Idaho, and he continues his efforts to bring hope and success to future generations. Who can say how many countless people will be blessed, both through his book and direct efforts, and in future generations because he is doing his part to alter the consciousness of the younger generation?

Taylor Clark has his priorities straight. Rather than devote himself to a career at the neglect of his family, he knows that steady wins the race. He carves out blocks of time and makes regular progress, while putting family and community first. With Clark as an example, I have to agree with Rudy Ruettiger in his Foreword to “Beating All Odds”:

Looking back at your success ten years from now, you will see it was this book that turned the momentum in your favor. You’ll attribute Dr. Clark’s book to the first play in the success movie of your life. This life-changing book certainly is the missing piece of the puzzle that will help you beat your odds and soar in life! You may never be the same again.

So what are you waiting for? You deserve a better life. Take the first step today by reading “Beating All Odds: Discover Exactly How You Can Succeed in Business and Life.” Your positive, life-altering journey is ready to begin.

~ Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. author of the award-winning novel, Narrow Lives