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One evening, my cell phone rang and on the line was Brian Tracy. That day Mr. Tracy shared something very compelling with me that led to a business relationship in network marketing. For those of you not familiar with Brian Tracy, he has written 46 books, of which many are bestsellers. He is also a self-made millionaire and one of the most knowledgeable and experienced speakers and trainers in the world today. He was also Chief Learning Officer of a cutting edge online e-learning technology company. This company lead me to the network marketing company that I work with today.

As an entrepreneur and owner of several successful businesses, I have been exposed to and presented with many business opportunities. I evaluate plans and look at the structure of the business to determine if it is a good opportunity or not. For years I have experienced the importance of multiple streams of income. I've become passionate at helping others achieve multiple streams of income in their lives.

I am currently working on a project that has greater income potential than any of my businesses. I am now looking for more success minded leaders to partner up with. You may be somebody that I should talk to. Please let me know!

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Brian Tracy

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